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New America lyrics


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     New America
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        Do you know the cost of future misery? Have you lost your sense of
    We are just a step away from realizing what we strive to be
    But we've got to break out from this insulated blind and lame senility

    Wake up the new America Wo-oh!
    Transcend the mass hysteria Wo-oh!
    Change is the thing you're wary of Wo-oh!
    We need a new America Wo-oh!

    Laurels, human triumph, bestowments from the past
    Victories don't mean a thing if they don't last
    We are just marching toward extinction with blinders on our eyes
    Jeopardizing everything we've learned and come to realize
    You call that wise?

    Open your eyes America Wo-oh!
    See through the lies they tell to us Wo-oh!
    Confront the fears that worry us Wo-oh!
    We need a new America Wo-oh!

    We don't have to be afraid to re-invent
    We've got to start to build, progress, and implement
    For when we take our fill, and never pay the price
    We only build ourselves a fleeting, false paradise

    You can live in staunch denial and mark me as your enemy
    But I'm just a voice among the throng who want a brighter destiny
    They say with me

    We are the new America Wo-oh!
    This is the new America? Wo-oh
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